Built a video player model using a connected push server so that plays can be synced across platforms/devices. VR without with headset maybe? Still testing.

To see if there is some opportunity to piggy back on the current Pokemon Go craze, built another basic Unity/Vuforia app - GoPoke that recognizes the Pokemon ball logo. Hoping retailers start plastering the logo once in game advertising starts. Android only for now.

Wanted to create an open AR app - Key Biscane that I can use as a dumping ground to test 3D assets. Released through the Google Play Store so that updates can be pushed out

Plot is an iOS app that only does one thing, plot your current location. Inclide list of plotted co-ordinates, MapBox map showing all plotted locations and setting screen with option to clear history. Email to be added as tester for iOS app

Feels is a iOS/Android app which currently only shows the weather for the city of Chicago but does so super fast. Android app avail in Play Store, email to be added as tester for iOS app. Also available online.

A bookmarklet that replaces site images with a newly minted politician. Install from and source on Github.

Love the concept of Chrome extensions but found existing templates aren't updated as frequently or do specific tasks. Combined several to create baseline template.


The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking. I like the 2 minute version of the message, lets see what the details are.

Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley. Interesting view into the VC world which really is as silly as everyone thinks it is.


Rounders. Yearly reviewing. Under rated gem with some excellent scene chewing from Malkovich

The Big Short. Big fan of the topic but movie is uneven. Swerves too much between light comedy and dramatic financial ruin


Personal site of Kedar Deshpande. I post most of my stuff here with links to Jethaus servers for code and assets.